Andrey Bushchik presents
International Dance Festivals in Saint-Petersburg,Russia.
Since 2008



Congress and private lessons in different styles is on booking:

09:00-22:00 Lessons from the invited  «Stars» teachers and coaches. 

-Andrew Sinkinson (U.K.) Standard

-John Wood  (U.K.) Standard

-Olga Faraponova-Write  (USA) Am.Smooth, Standard

-Andrew Phillips  (USA) Latin, Am.Smooth

-Irina Galperina (U.K.) St, Am. Smooth

-Alexey Barbolin  (Russ) Arg.Tango

-Vlad Pavlov  (Russ) Latin

-Andrey Bushchik  (Russ) Latin

-Luca Tonello St, Am Smooth

Please book lessons in advance

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St-Petersburg Dance Holidays 23,24,25 August 2019
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Moscow Dance Holidays 4-5 April 2020
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