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Saint Petersburg Dance Holidays 2018. - News

Important information

Dear Pro-Am, Am-Am (Seniors), T-S, S-S participants of Saint Petersburg Dance Holidays (SPDH)-2018

Some important information for you!
Open to the world Competition takes place in the huge ballroom of the finest Holiday Inn Hotel Moscovskie vorota near the center of the city of St. Petersburg, Russia. 
We never divide dance flour on two or more parts. We divide your competitive activities for 3 days of the Festival. If you have Singles, Challenges and Scholarships events on one day so you also are eligible to have INERCONTINENTAL EURASIAN CUP (IEC) Single Dance Challenge and Open Cup on another day! Maybe you are about to became a brand new INTERCONTINENTAL EURASIAN CUP holder. We believe this can be very special award in your personal achievements list! 
We have confirmed celebrity adjudicators panel from at least 16 World leading countries:
Great Britain, USA, Russia, China, Austria, Germany,Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Canada, Finland, Israel, Kazakstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and more to come!
 At least 11 famous adjudicators are officiating each categories of SPDHolidays Scholarships and Intercontinental Eurasian Cup IEC.
 Entries arriving from all over the globe:
USA, Great Britain, Netherlands, Poland, China, UAE, Russia, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Canada, Latvia, Austria, Israel, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakstan, Azerbaijan. 
All major Pro-Am Scholarships established with the prize money certificates which you can use in the future event next year. 
All the finals for SPDH Scholarships and Intercontinental Eurasian Cup (IEC) are scheduled at evening sessions mixed with Professional events and show Gala. 
Now you are able to dance each program during 2 competition's days. So you have a great chance to stay in the official hotel by discount rates from organizers and enjoy at least 3 days of the festival with full dance activities! Friday 24th at 19:00 you can have Special Welcome buffet dinner incorporated with International Dance Congress followed by the Open Practice right at the competition's place. You can book a private dance lessons through the day of Friday 24th from our celebrity coaches
On Saturday and Sunday of the International St-Petersburg Dance Holidays (SPDH) and Intercontinental Eurasian Cup (IEC) competitions in different styles to be held:
-Pro-Am Single Dance Challenge St, La, 
-Pro-Am Open to the World St,La
-Pro-Am Show Dance Intercontinental Eurasian Cup
We have a great opportunity for our participants to install colorful picture in the official booklet program as well as advertisement of your studio or events. 
Professional make up is available during the festival.
Professional video taping and photography are available on the festival so you can keep the best memories from the official company on the festival. 
On-line results, photos and videos, live stream productions from the event as a latest news will be available at
You can book the hotel from the organizers by special rates so please do not hesitate to ask organizer to have your discount. 
Hopefully this key information will help you to decide to participate in Saint Petersburg Dance Holidays incorporated to Intercontinental Eurasian Cup and Dancer's Congress on this August 24-26, 2018. 
Wish you all the best and see you soon in the most beautiful city of Russia, St-Petersburg. 
Organizer and host of the festival 
Andrey Bushchik 
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